Demand for outsourced services has been growing in the last few years. Requirements on the speed and accuracy of data processing are continuously increasing, financial and management reports are becoming more and more complex, and the number of companies that require some form of management or statutory reporting is rising.

We can help you with these requirements, or we can completely take them over and manage them for you. The outsourcing of services can help to reduce payroll costs, improve the quality of bookkeeping, simplify corporate processes, and eliminate risks.


uctoWe provide all-round bookkeeping services. In line with our vision, we are able to take over bookkeeping and design new processes and a new method of reporting, and so make it possible for clients to focus more strongly on their specific core business. Our services are always tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Our accountants are able to provide their services in-house, using our software, or can visit the client’s premises and use the client’s software. They can also work on a remote access basis.



On the basis of the client’s requirements we can analyse the current situation of the accounting system and identify weaknesses and risks. On the basis of the results of such analysis we can recommend measures conducive to risk elimination, and design control mechanisms that will easily and quickly detect mistakes and shortcomings.

Our experienced advisers can check your accounting on a regular basis, giving you a reasonable level of assurance that your accounts and reports provide a fair view of your business results and that the information on which you rely in making your strategic decisions is true.


We are ready to align your reporting mechanisms to help you respond to the management’s growing requirements on the availability, accuracy and structure of information. We prepare and adjust most management reports in MS Excel, but it is also important to take into account the potential of the client’s accounting software and requirements.

We can prepare CAS/IFRS conversion tables and guides and create an IFRS reporting mechanism. We will subsequently check the reports prepared by the client or can undertake all the routine tasks related to regular reporting.