Our specialists are ready to help you improve your company’s performance, optimise corporate processes, improve control over costs, and manage your cash flow.

On the basis of information from the client or an analysis of the running of the enterprise and parts thereof we identify weaknesses and risks, draw your attention to them, and propose a solution conducive to their elimination. We are a partner that will help you in the implementation of saving measures in the company or provide for the training of your employees, and not only in finances.

In the event that you do not have a suitable expert, or it is not advantageous for you to pay a full-time regular employee, we can help you through our product, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This means in practice that we will fill the position of the financial manager, controller, personnel manager or sales person with our own experts who will provide services to the same required extent and quality as the client’s own regular employees.


consulting1Now, at a time of increasing competition in the world markets, high pressure on delivery times, strict product quality requirements and product price cutting pressures, it is appropriate to address the issues of how to improve corporate performance, how to manage financial functions and financial risks, how to cut costs, improve liquidity, etc. We have extensive experience in corporate advisory in various industries, the application of which can add a high value to your business.

We work together with our clients to analyse their current business processes, document, information and cash flows, business strategy, etc., and evaluate all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Our conclusions and proposals will provide a key to ensuring that the organisation as a whole operates more effectively and that the processes are streamlined and process times reduced. As a result, the performance of the business will increase.



There are an increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses that are aware of the need to have a well-qualified and experienced controller able to oversee the company’s accounting, provide senior management with timely reports and monitor the differences between the plan and reality. The outsourcing of these services can help provide the management with timely information as support for making strategic and tactical decisions.



We are able to provide our clients with the services of a qualified and experienced personnel manager. We can currently see a rising number of companies that are aware of the need to have the services of a personnel manager, but their size prevents them from employing a specialist on a full time basis. The ideal approach is to outsource these services to the required extent.



Our objective is to help you get rid of any extra administrative burden and make your business as easy to run as possible. We will take over your accounting and payroll functions or provide you with an experienced financial, personnel and trade expert for the required time and to the required extent.

The services that we offer include temporary engagement of our firm’s specialists who will be employed by, and directly report to, the client. This service will help you overcome a temporary or permanent shortage of workforce in certain professions (e.g., financial controller, CFO, personnel manager, accountant, etc.).



We organise training courses for our clients’ employees in finances. Our courses are intended both for financial department and non-financial employees (e.g., traders, purchasers, production managers etc.).

Trainees will acquire the basics in business economics and a better understanding of the relationships between assets, liabilities, and profit and loss.

All our training courses are tailored to clients’ individual requirements.